Lux Jet Fighters

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Lux Jet Fighters

Welcome to Jet Fighters Lux, an adventurous jet fighter airplane simulator with modern warfare air fight games missions. If you are interested in fighter plane games or aircraft games, so download this game. This new air battle game will surely entertain you as you’ll have a chance to take a jet for a ride yourself. We know it could be a dream of real life but it is possible in this fighter jet game. Take your jet to the highest skies in this game and defeat your enemies. This war planes game has also multiplayer. Jet Fighters Flux is the most advanced fighter plane simulator and aircraft battle simulator where you can plan your air fight missions and start a supremacy challenge. Fight against your enemy planes in a dog fight. Multiple new missions every day, a true adventure and pure jet games experience without limits. The action in this jet aircraft game never ends; see how long you can battle against other enemy jets. Keep control of yourself in your fighter jet and fly the skies to get down the enemies and get the highest possible score. Play with your friends and prove that you are the best fighter pilot in this air battle game. This is the best jet fighter game with full action-packed for those who want advanced level controls. So you are ready to defeat the opponent and want to try your air fighting skills? So download now and let’s defeat the enemies. You can play alone or with your friends. There are various advanced and amazing jets available that you can choose from. In the free mode, you will have a defined airplane that you can choose to drive and fight. If you want a custom-designed plane, you need to buy it or you can get it via skulls. So play this air battle game like a real champion air fighter and earn maximum skulls.
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